Daycare is a place where children can have experiences that will develop good habits and attitudes to achieve success throughout life.


Meeting new friends, accepting them, respecting them, and forming lasting friendships.


We encourage creativity, and promote activities that arouse curiosity, enthusiasm and exploration of new ideas.


Developing a concept of independence, self-respect and emotion in others.


Our centres are committed to quality childcare services that celebrate the individuality of each child.  We believe in the value of learning through play and exploration and strive to make all our programs educational.   We believe all children should have the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment and pride ourselves in being able to provide that.

We believe that each child is an individual with different needs, interests and abilities and therefore should be given individual care.  Our qualified staff engages in meaningful interactions with each child and encourages play based learning.

We believe in learning is best achieved when children are encouraged to play, ask questions, and explore in an environment where trust, respect and positive self-esteem is emphasized.  We respect the dignity and integrity of each child and emphasize respect for all children regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality or special needs.

We believe in creating a homely environment to allow children to feel comfortable and confident at daycare.  This allows children to explore their environment without doubts and to develop their
self-esteem and self-worth.  We strive to form meaningful relationships between both parents and children
to allow for open communication.

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